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moving image
duration: 2:17’

Hey wide field is a partisan song which exists in several other languages all belonging to countries which were a part of the USSR. The song focuses on the secrets and sufferings which the fields keep and all which they have witnessed; particularly the partisan movements which come to “free” the country and take over it. This song was also forcefully sung by inmates of gulag camp Belene as recalled in survivors’ testimonies.

In Wide Field, I take a walk on an empty field covered in snow, dressed in old communist military clothes as the inmates of forced labour camp Belene were given such clothing on their arrival at the camp. I am interested in the dual and complex relationship between land and memory both within the song running through the moving image piece and the one between any space and any events occurring there, since no landscaped choses what to behold or remember.

Image 1: Archives as medium, Four Corners Gallery, London, UK 2017
Images 2, 3: Balkan mine, EEP Berlin, Berlin, Germany, 2019

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