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site-specific installation

It’s history which divides me from them is a site-specific work conceived for the foundation Singer-Zahariev. The project was selected and comissioned from the open call History is Always in the Present. The work encompasses of a double-sided curtain, referencing an insects curtain common for Bulgarian homes in the past, and also the the curtain which divided the East from the West during the Cold War. From one side, there is an archival photograph of the Borisova Gradina (Park na Svobodata) in Sofia during the winter of 1973 - a location near the home of Kamen Zahariev, and the other side includes a still image from the film Fraeulein Schmetterling (1966) in which Kathrin Singer starred as a child, and which also features an architectural shot resembling her old house in East Berlin. The two objects accompanying the photographic installation are both created via a photogrammetry app and 3D printing, and are both belongings of the owners. “A note” is a scan of a clay sign created by Kamen’s son, and “An archive” is a scan of a box belonging to Kathrin, in which she has kept her photographic archive from her career as a journalist.

Borisova Gradina, 2021

East Berlin, Singer-Zahariev Foundation, Malak Izvor, Bulgaria, 2021

Borisova Gradina, Singer-Zahariev Foundation, Malak Izvor, Bulgaria, 2021

A note, photogrammetry & 3D model,  Singer-Zahariev Foundation, Malak Izvor, Bulgaria, 2021

An archive, photogrammetry & 3D model, Singer-Zahariev Foundation, Malak Izvor, Bulgaria, 2021

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